Warm Heat Therapy for the head area can be advantageous for issues like TMJ / TMD, headaches, migraines, tooth aches and ear aches.   Moist heat is a safe and simple way to address discomfort a pain.  The microwave heating pad headband was designed to address this need.  A Ferapeutic headband harnesses the healing power of moist heat and gives a custom fit because of the clever use of hook and loop closures.

TMJ Disorder (TMD), is a painful problem related to the temporomandibular joint, affecting the jaw joint and surrounding facial muscles.  TMD can lead to problems with chewing and moving the jaw.  The pain of TMD can also alter quality of life due to the chronic pain.

Moist heat therapy for TMJ / TMD is one of the best natural solutions for this painful disorder.  Heat therapy can relax the facial muscles surrounding the jaw joint to improve range of motion and reduce pain.  Ferapeutic's microwave heat pack can be worn wrapped around the front of the face to secure moist heat directly on the temporomandibular joint.  

Headaches and migraines are another extremely painful concern that can alter a person's life considerably.  At times, moist heat is one of the best solutions for chronic headaches.  Tension headaches in particular can benefit greatly from  moist heat.  Tension headaches are often caused by tight muscles around the face and jaw.  Heat therapy relaxes surrounding muscles which in turn eases head pressure.

Again, the ferapeutic headband can be a simple natural solution for chronic tension headaches.  Worn as a traditional headband attached at the back of the neck or around the top of the head, warmth often has a dramatic effect on head pain.

Ear aches, often thought of as a childhood issue, can also be a teenage or adult problem.  Ear aches are usually caused by infections that lead to fluid build up behind the ear drum.  Common colds and allergies can bring about extremely painful ear aches.  Moist heat applied on or around the ear and head will increase blood flow and circulation.  This often lessens or even removes the pain.  The improved circulation sends needed oxygen and nutrients to the site of pain so the body's own immune system can address the infection.

The moist heat headband is ideal for holding heat therapy on the painful ear.  Wearing the head wrap across the ear area and attached at the top of the head secures a hands free way to address the pain of an ear ache or infection.

Moist heat therapy is a simple natural solution for many types of acute and chronic pain.  Because of Ferapeutic's innovative design, the microwave heating pad headband is an extremely convenient and affordable way to ease any pain located above the neck in the head, ear and facial area.