Since 2008, TheFerrisWheels have been creating the premier microwave heat packs and cold packs on the market.  Innovating stylish heating pads that were perfect for gift giving was our mission.  We started the trend!

But how did we arrive at 'theferriswheels' to describe our business?  Sally's maiden name is Ferris and she began this company with her mom who dealt with fibromyalgia for years.  Mom Ferris used bed buddies constantly, but they weren't very attractive and didn't have the neck and shoulder coverage that Sally's mom needed.

Sally learned her sewing skills from her mom and set out to design and create the perfect neck, shoulder and back microwave heating pad.  Once the NSB was perfected, TheFerrisWheels was born and named in tribute to Sally's mom and dad.  

TheFerrisWheels began selling on line through Etsy and still serves that community today, being the largest seller of therapy hot and cold packs on the platform.  We also sell under the name Ferapeutic which describes a bit more of our product line while keeping a nod to the Ferris name.  When url became available in 2018, we doubled our website exposure with the original, well known brand of TheFerrisWheels.

Sadly, Mr and Mrs. Ferris are no longer with us, but TheFerrisWheels still continues to design and produce the best microwave heat packs and cold packs available.  Sally and Chet (Sally's husband) are honored to own and operate , , and   Thank you for all your support and design ideas throughout the years.  We plan to continue to serve the chronic pain, spoonie, and gift giving community for years to come!