Moist Heat performs best for chronic pain and tissue repair.  Moist heat vs dry heat generally lies in the decision to use a microwave heating pad vs electric. Heat Pads for the microwave tend to deliver moist heat while electric heating pads are a dry heat provider. However, even certain microwave heating pads do not provide adequate moist heat. Content is key in the heat pack arena, and several fillings stand out from the rest. 

First, why moist heat instead of dry heat? Moist heat penetrates deep into the tissue while dry heat provides a more surface warmth. Moist heat also changes tissue temperature quicker than the slower dry heat. This gives the body a chance to absorb the healing power of warmth more rapidly bringing on almost immediate pain relief. 

Since moist heat permeates painful, damaged tissue more thoroughly and rapidly, it speeds repair and recovery as well as brings relief for chronic pain. Heat expands blood vessels and increases circulation. An upsurge in blood circulation to targeted areas of the body brings needed oxygen and nutrients to damaged, hurting tissue bringing about the body’s own healing capabilities. An optimized circulatory system also removes waste and toxins rapidly and effectively, speeding healing and bringing pain relief. 

There are many ingredients manufacturers use to fill microwave heating pads from rice to corn to wheat. The best moist heat filler is rice due to its higher water content. Rice’s natural element composition heats in the microwave and provides a gentle moisture along with heat penetration, thus delivering an unequal level of healing heat. When flax seed, with its high oil content, is added to the rice, the mixture administers a longer lasting warmth. The combination of rice with flax seed extends the length of heat maintenance while still delivering the moisture so vital to chronic pain relief and curative tissue assistance and repair. 

Ferapeutic by TheFerrisWheels  has been designing and making premium microwave heating pads that deliver an unparalleled level of moist heat since 2008. We use the highest quality of organic flax seed and rice in order to provide the optimal moisture while still maintaining a long lasting moist heat source. Our innovative hot and cold pack designs cover a wide range of trigger point areas offering custom fits for needed chronic pain relief.