A Pain in the Neck

Mom had a pain in the neck (and shoulders and upper back) for years. She lived with her microwave heating pad, but it never quite covered all the areas that hurt. In 2008, Sally decided she could design and make a therapy pack for her mom way better than anything found in the drugstore, so she did. Turns out, mom loved it, told her friends and they loved it. TheFerrisWheels (Ferris is Sally's maiden name) was born to provide therapeutic microwave heating pads and cold packs that are functional, sturdy and stylish. Pain stinks, might as well have good looking products to deal with it.

By 2010, the love of Sally's life, hubby Chet, had joined the business. Someone had to haul around those huge 50 lb bags of rice and flax and keep all the accounting straight!. Chet also competes in IronMan Triathlons representing our brand (LOTS of aches and pains in that sport!)

We're now HotColdComfort by Ferapeutic, LLC, committed to handmade originality and quality. The very best part of our business is knowing we design, make, and sell original therapy products that help rid the world of pains in the neck ...and shoulders, back, head, hands, knees, feet (shall I keep going?). Thank you for blessing us with this awesome opportunity!

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