TheFerrisWheels becomes Ferapeutic

TheFerrisWheels, HotColdComfort, was the original name of Ferapeutic. TheFerrisWheels was established in 2008 by Sally Ferris Miller and her mom, Carol Ferris.  We saw a huge need for therapeutic products that were both functional and attractive for gifting.

To more reflect our core business, TheFerrisWheels was renamed in 2018 to Ferapeutic.  We thought it was a clever blend of Ferris and Therapeutic.  We still sell under the name TheFerrisWheels on etsy and  

Chet has been a driving force of Ferapeutic almost from the beginning.  He runs our farm that provides natural herbs for aromatherapy as well as all the accounting and 'business' work.  Sally has become an industry leader and continues to design and make the highest quality microwave heating pads on the market.

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