In today’s modern world, we tend to use our thumbs more than ever before, at least in repetitive motion.  Hot and cold therapy with TheFerrisWheels’ (Ferapeutic) thumb wrap can bring short and long term relief.    

Texting is probably the most common activity that uses the thumb and can cause soreness, sprain and even long term damage to the thumb, hand and wrist. Other popular modern thumb activities are gaming, typing, skiing, bowling, throwing and catching a baseball or softball and other daily activities. Work or leisure activities can cause thumb discomfort.   

Most thumb soreness and strain can be self treated with hot or cold therapy; resting the thumb and hand; and sometimes physical therapy exercises. Warm therapy on the thumb relaxes tendons and muscles to help range of motion and ease soreness. Moist heat also delivers increased blood flow to the thumb which aids in natural healing.   

Cold therapy helps the thumb when there has been an immediate injury. Cold or ice brings down swelling. Athletes often use cold therapy when an injury occurs.   

Those with painful thumbs may be diagnosed with a variety of causes. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome affects women more than men and can cause intense pain in the thumb and hand region. There may also be weakness, numbness or tingling. In general, heat therapy is a helpful natural way to ease pain from carpal tunnel syndrome.   

Repetitive motion from texting, gaming and more is often referred to as trigger thumb but in reality may be a form of tendonitis. Tendons become irritated and inflamed causing pain and loss of motion. It is often suggested the thumb be immobilized. Heat therapy can also help so TheFerrisWheels thumb wrap is an ideal solution.   

In the past, thumb sufferers were forced to wrap oversized heating pads or bags of frozen peas around their thumb and hand. This proved uncomfortable and limited activities. Ferapeutic  saw the need for a therapy thumb wrap that did more than stabilize the thumb. Not only does the hot and cold thumb wrap help with compression, it actually delivers warm and cool to the injury! 

As always, if you have a serious injury or pain, consult a physician before trying self care.  Heat or cold are usually excellent complements to most treatment plans.  Always ask your dr what is best.